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Create Mischief! This is a wikia based upon mischief, and what other things you can include. This is also a random community where you can have fun! Yes, I understand some wikia's have admins and such (Mines will obviously have one, so don't really think I won't have any) I'm also quite old here so far. I guess a year? Couple of months? Eh. Welcome! <w>

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THIS IS WARRRR. Just kidding. This is a role-playing page where you can chill (Literally, this isn't war. Lel.) This is a topic based off of your creativity, you can freely speak your opinion and if others act rudely please do Ping (Sketch will be handling that) or send screenshots to us. We'll be happy to solve the problems! I hope you stay for a long and happy journey in Mischief.Warfare!!

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Kaneki ken by byakurin-d83f1rs

Kaneki Ftw ❤

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